SSCA 2020 National Specialty -- CANCELLED

Dear SSCA Members,

Thursday, April 30th, SSCNC, the host club for the 2020 National Specialty in Pleasanton California received notice from the Harvest Moon Classic Show Chair that the October 2020 shows have been cancelled. Since there are so many unanswered questions about COVID: the availability of the site, restrictions on crowd size, and constraints on travel for exhibitors and judges. Thus, Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore and Skyline Dog Fanciers of San Mateo County decided to notify the specialty clubs of their decision to cancel the October 2020 shows. As you know, hosting the national specialty requires lots of time in preparation for all aspects of a national specialty. By letting the specialty clubs know now that they were cancelling the October 2020 shows, it saves the specialty clubs planning time and expenses.

SSCNC was looking forward to hosting the 2020 National Specialty. Now we say: "stay safe & well" and enjoy your Standard Schnauzer(s) and family.

Mark Allen and 2020 SSCNC Specialty Committee